If this is the question that comes to your mind, then the answer is yes, off course. The Yale entr smart locks keep bad people out of your home and it lets good people in. Not only this, it welcomes, but if you are away from home and had to race back to unlock it for the guests standing outside, dog walker or anything else, you know the traditional security comes with occasional irritations.

With smart locks come the best feature that is you don’t have to carry keys all the time, no more copying keys for every member of the house and no more exchange of keys. Yale entr smart locks installation refers to replacing standard locks with an electronic device, usually powered by battery that can be accessed using digital keypad, phone app or even fingerprint sensors.

Goodfellas locksmith and key cutting offers efficient lock system installation to keep you at ease and provide security. Now if you are thinking why should you choose us? Then the answer is simple, we are the best in market and offer products and services competently and at most affordable prices.

Installing Yale Entr smart lock will give you notification every time the door is opened, log entries and also communicate with the home security systems. With smart locks anybody can grant easy access to the delivery man; if in dilemma and wants to double check the lock from your bed, all you have to do is roll over, pick up your phone and tap to check.

The next question could be, “what is the power has gone or your phone is not charged?” Virtually, all smart locks comes with backups: an emergency mode or a key that will still let you it. Giving entire control to your smartphone can sometime create hassle at the time of power cut or battery down. Therefore, an emergency option is always available for smart locks. You can be rest assured that smart-lock designers have thought of this. They seem to have thought of everything.