Key Duplication

Losing your keys and not having a backup can be very frustrating.
Duplicate your keys now, and keep a copy in a safe place for rainy days. Having a duplicate key can save you a lot of hustle and frustration. We are a full-service locksmith that provides key duplication service to our esteem clients in Dubai. If you are searching for a credible key maker near me, look no further than us.

Whether you want extra keys for your car , office or home or want us to make you a specialized backup key, we guarantee that our skilled and experienced locksmiths will get the job done fast and efficiently. We have invested heavily in our locksmith service to ensure that we offer high quality and satisfactory services to all our esteem clients in Dubai.

Are there keys that cannot be duplicated?

Today, there are no keys that cannot be copied. However, some keys are quite challenging to duplicate and require the attention of an expert. There is no key that we cannot reproduce, thanks to our skilled and experienced workforce.

Types of keys we can duplicate.

We duplicate a wide variety of keys, including:

  • Tubular keys
  • Single and double-sided keys
  • Laser-cut keys
  • Antique keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Skeleton keys
  • Smart keys
  • Vehicle anti-theft system (VATS) keys
  • Ignition keys
  • File cabinet keys
  • Bit and barrel keys
  • Sidewinder keys
  • Desk keys
  • And much more

We use advanced technology

We use advanced technology key duplication technology to provide high quality, secure, and durable duplicate keys that offer protection to your car, office or home. This means that we can copy virtually any key. When you choose us to make your duplicate key, we guarantee that your key will not break or fail to function when you need it the most. All our duplicate keys work smoothly and efficiently, just like original keys.

We are credible and reliable

If you are searching for duplicate key makers near me that are credible and reliable, we are a great choice. Locksmith Dubai is very competitive, and very few companies survive to operate past three years. We have thrived in this competitive industry because we always deliver high-quality locksmith services to all our clients. We value our clients, and we always put their interests first.

Skilled and experienced technicians

We take pride in having the best technicians who can quickly solve complex key duplication tasks. We train our team regularly to sharpen the skill and also equip them with new key duplicate techniques. Regardless of how complex your key may look, we guarantee that our skilled and experienced technicians will provide you with a high-quality key duplicate.

Car key duplication experts

If your car has keyless entry or uses a transponder key, you can contact us if it stops working. Our technicians will reprogram the keyless car key or replace the damaged transponder or the key fob. It is important to note that you cannot program a new key fob by yourself unless you have the right tools. When you call us, our team will get that job within the shortest time possible. We are the best locksmiths in Dubai when it comes to car keys duplication.

Key duplication van services

We also provide key duplication van services to our all our clients in Dubai. Instead of you coming to us, we come to you and make a key duplicate at the comfort of your house, office or any other place of your choice.

If you are searching for a reputable car key maker near me, then we are an excellent choice. We have been in this industry for long, and we know what to do to get the job done. Our key duplication service is reliable and efficient. We promise to deliver high quality and secure duplicate keys. Don’t wait, give us a call today; our skilled and friendly team are on standby waiting for your call.