Ultra security with ultimate convenience is the major feature that Garage Door remotes are swiftly replacing the conventional locking systems.

Garage Door remotes, like other handy devices, are more likely to be damaged or lost any time. Long range and high security garage door remotes with secured encryption to prevent hacking and immediate access..

Preferably, garage door remotes are reconfigured or replaced whenever reallocating to a new home or locking out previous tenants. This simple effort reduces the risk of burglary and complies with the precautionary measures set out by the insurance companies.

Key Maker locksmith in Dubai is so close to you and would be glad to assist you in garage door remote services. Our expert locksmith technicians can provide new remotes, reprogram or invalidate the old remote or provide any other technical solution that is required so they can hand you back the helpful tool.

In cities like Dubai where every minute gets counted, we know that your time is much more important so our technicians will take only 15-30 to program or reprogram your garage / gate remote.

In case you are having problem with your existing garage door remote, you can save your time by carrying out following two basic checks:

  • Check & confirm the remote batteries are in working state
  • Ensure that the power supply is regulated and steady
  • You are using the correct remote, in case you have one than one
  • We get counted for providing high-quality garage remotes at affordable prices.