Always make sure that your mailbox is as secure as your safe so that your identity remains protected from the much widely prevailing ‘identity theft’ or ‘identity fraud’.

Online transactions have added much convenience to our life but, at the same time, it has also opened doors for the identity theft and identity frauds. Most of us remain ignorant of mailbox locks status and security but at the same time, mailboxes remain the main point of interest. All such professional burglars are well aware of this common attitude so they exploit systematically and steal the identity information and credit cards to commit frauds conveniently and fearlessly.

We receive more complaints and carry out mailbox lock change as frequently as any other locksmith of the town. Our locksmith technicians are available round the clock across Dubai city and keep commonly used mailbox locks with them which enables them complete mailbox lock solutions, within shortest possible time.

Key Maker locksmith in Dubai provides, regular as well as emergency locksmith services, for all sorts of mailbox locks. So, take your first step to protecting your identity theft and call us now to carry out mailbox lock change or rekey mailbox locks at your site, immediately.

In case you are locked out of your mailbox, our locksmith technicians are readily available 24 x 7, to grant you access to your mailbox, no matter we need to pick that mailbox lock open or drill it.  You will be at peace very soon.