For Unified Security & Accessibility

Access Control Systems are being widely installed at commercial premises for the elevated security following benefits:

  • Access Privileges management, even suspend or restore employees access
  • System Management possible from single or multiple locations
  • Security Access Violations intimated via alarms
  • Emergency management through  site lockdowns and communications alerts
  • Access Events and Violations maintained through Event Log
  • Integration of Access Control System with CCTV & Fire alarm is a great option.
  • Easy to maintain, even by the owners themselves
  • Prices to suit the lowest budget

Electronic access control systems provide additional features and advantages that are not available in mechanical key control systems. These features include operation via RFID cards, biometric readers, wireless & Bluetooth, PIN or Passcodes, proximity cards or fobs which promptly identify and permit admission to the authorized or restrict it otherwise.

Access Control System Installation by Goodfellfs Locksmith

Goodfellas Locksmith is well known for its supply and installation of Access Control Systems across Dubai. Our locksmiths are experienced in carrying out installation, maintenance and replacement of simple to technically complex access control systems.
Swift availability of technically sound locksmith services for residential, commercial and vehicular needs, and all of that within the client’s budget remains our exclusivity and marks us as professional and reliable.