At home even, it is always better and recommended to use locks on cabinets for security. The purpose of installing locks at home cabinets is not to protect important stuff from your own family but just to protect the important items from being damaged or missed.

Few of the common uses of cabinets with locks are to keep items out of reach of your kids like medicines and cutlery because those innocent mates could mess up things if they succeed to access them.

Another use is to keep protected important and frequently required documents such as utility bills, bank statements, project files, medical and insurance documents and other stuff of such cadre.

These days there are many different types of cabinet locks being used in the market. These cabinet locks fall into two major categories or types i.e. Key based cabinet locks and Keyless cabinet locks. It’s all up to your choice and requirement that for which type you opt.

However, when selecting the type of the cabinet lock, no matter whether its key based or keyless, it is recommended to choose the cabinet lock one which is serviceable and durable or of a reputed brand name, at least. This ensures that your file cabinet can be accessed by the legitimate persons only. In Dubai, most of the cabinet locks are of moderate quality and serviceable which is good for both, i.e. customers as well as service providers.

You need cabinet lock opening services, cabinet lock installation or cabinet lock repair, experienced locksmith technicians of Key Maker Dubai are a just a call away to serve you. If you wish to obtain an estimate, for setting up the budget, prior to getting the work done, we would be glad to assist you on this as well, all free of charge.