Broken Key extraction is one of the problems that locksmiths guess before it’s completely conveyed by the complainant and the reason is the frustrated tone. The reason for the frustration is, that during rush when clients find that they are left with a broken key while the lock yet needs to be opened.

Key Maker, being professional locksmiths, we understand the concern of the client better as we assist many clients through this problem many times. We take it as our job to guide our clients ahead of any such situation by delivering proper information so that they could prevent this from happening again.

In the matter of broken key extraction, the traditional approach “prevention is better than cure” works well. Usually, keys tend to be worn out over their usage; however, their life actual span depends upon two major factors i.e. material of the keys and frequency of their use.

Besides, there are several other reasons that could lead to breaking of the key within the lock. Keeping the locks lubricated regularly and properly as this reduces the friction impact hence reduces the ultimate chances of key breaking in the lock.

No matter whatever the reason is, it is recommended avoid layman’s “hit & try” attempts as this may further damage the lock and develop complications. Better to contact an experienced and professional locksmith to carry out the broken key extraction (as early as possible).

Even if you happen to break the key off within the lock, Key Maker locksmith in Dubai is just a call away to get you out of this infuriating situation.