Panic bars / Push bars need to be professionally installed and cared because, in the case of emergency, seconds get counted and not minutes.

World Health and Safety Institutions make it mandatory for installation of exit devices public places, to be used in case of emergency. Therefore, any non-functional panic bar/ push bar could elevate the threat in case of emergency. So, if you wish to have your panic bars properly installed and maintained in florida, Goodfellas Locksmith experienced technicians could carry out this for you, swiftly and amicably.

Our locksmith technicians, moving across Dubai, round the clock, every day, could serve all your business center requirements in compliance with the safety standards.

Contact and have your business place evaluated by Goodfellas locksmith technician who could suggest you the appropriate type and quantity of panic bars depending upon the layout and size of your commercial place. To ensure the working of panic bar / push bar when needed, get these installed and maintained by Goodfellas locksmith. Contact us today for further information.

Panic bars, push bars, crash bars are the different names, usually being referred to exit devices or panic hardware equipment and could be selected as per the required style and budget of the company.