We advise our customers to get all their all their locks rekeyed or at least the main locks such as of the main entrance. Let it be any type of residence, whether it’s a flat, an apartment or even the house newly purchased. We suggest this because it is impossible to know if previous residents still have the original or duplicate keys of that place which is yours now. In fact, this could be worrying. Even many of the times people forget that they got their house unlocked by locksmith when they got into the situation of residential lock-out. Any stranger may have found their keys and get into their home using those old keys.

Moved into a new home? Fired one of your employees?
Call us now to Rekey your lock and provide you with new keys.

We have no idea if any of them had dropped, lent or left it at any place where aliens could find and misuse them. Even in a situation of the temporary handover of keys for some hours could be risky as a copy of a key could be obtained for few dirhams in a simple and convenient way.

Lock rekey is safer yet cheaper as well. Instead of buying new locks to replace the old, you can rekey all your locks at its quarter cost, it’s simpler, cheaper and quicker also.

So go for your more safety, contact Key Maker locksmith for Lock Rekey.